Announcement 9/9/2019

Greetings Customers,

Recently there have been a rash of vaping related injuries and even a few deaths due to the use of vitamin E acetate as a cutting agent and thickener in vape pens. This is a terrible situation for the public and for the cannabis industry. Fogg Flavor labs extends our deepest sympathy to anyone affected by this tragic situation.

Fogg Flavor Labs has never used vitamin E acetate (tocopheryl acetate) in any of our products

We do not sell a thickener. Even apart from the tocopheryl acetate issue, we believe thickeners obscure the product and allow for dishonest players to operate more easily in the marketplace. 

In light of these recent events, Fogg Flavor Labs plans now to refocus on natural terpenes for flavor products and as of September 13th 2019 we plan to remove the Fogg Flavors line of naturally and artificially flavored terpene products from all sales channels and retire the brand. We are proud of these great tasting products, but we feel that focusing on natural flavors, especially cannabis-related terpenes is our core strength. 

Fogg products are carefully manufactured and strict quality control procedures are in place. We are proud of the quality of our products and hope to continue to provide high quality terpene products well into the future.

Fogg Terpenes contain only natural plant-based terpenes found in lab reports of the specified strains. A full ingredient list is available online for each profile. 

Cutter contains only terpenes. The full ingredient list is: Phytol, alpha bisabolol, bisabolene, and d-limonene. Some ingredients are synthetic.

Alchemy contains USP/NF grade kosher polypropylene glycol (PG) and USP/NF grade kosher polyethylene glycol (PEG). Terpene-enhanced varieties contain the same terpene profile used in Fogg Terpenes.

We hope this information helps put our customers' minds at ease. We have always focused on providing the highest quality products possible and we will never forget the trust the our customers place in us.

Thank you to our loyal and rather awesome customers.

-Gerald and the Fogg team