Update 3/21/2020

Hey people,

Everything still mostly normal here. We are still processing and shipping orders. We still have supplies and are producing products as quickly as possible with a reduced staff, and so far no problems. So keep the orders coming in and we'll keep selling terpenes! 

A few possible clouds on the horizon:

  • 1ml size sales may be temporarily restricted or discontinued. These are labor intensive, relatively expensive and the vials may be hard to find soon.
  • We may need to substitute or eliminate some of our normal packing items in case of shortage. Things like pipettes, baggies, cards and other freebies, as well as our beloved X-Pandos cardboard fillers may be missing or substitured.   
  • We have noticed that shipping our Amazon Fulfilled Prime items are being held up a bit probably due to Amazon prioritizing orders. They are shipping, just at a slower rate. We are still able to ship into the warehouse.
  • We are located in Massachusetts. As a "chemical manufacturer", "food product manufacturer", and one of the rare companies able to send Health and Wellness products to Amazon, I consider us to be an essential business. This does not mean that we will defy authorities if directly ordered to close or a general order to close includes us. If we are ordered to close, we will cancel/refund any outstanding orders, I will update this site, and we will all hope for the best.
Otherwise, look forward to a retirement sale soon for a couple of profiles! We are retiring at least two profiles and replacing them with current favorites. The final candidates have not been chosen but we will be running a deep sale on the chosen ones to clear the way.

Did you know that both citral and ocimene both have antiviral effects? We have no idea if that includes coronavirus, but we've been adding a little citral to various cleaning products (isopropyl sprays and hand sanitizers) just in case. The lab always smells a little bit like Froot Loops. 

Stay healthy, folks. 


Hi folks,

Just wanted to let you folks know that It is mostly business as usual and we are seeing very few consequences of the virus outbreak so far. We are producing and shipping products normally and will continue to do so for as long as possible. 

We are taking some special precautions, including disinfecting each product before shipping. Additionally our production staff is taking extra social distancing precautions and are avoiding situations that might expose us to the virus. The safety of our customers is our highest priority.

We are also closing our retail storefront until further notice. This is in direct proximity to our manufacturing lab and we want to avoid any exposure of our products to the virus. Local pickup will be available by appointment only. Please email us at sales@foggflavors.com to arrange any local retail orders.

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Practice steps to prevent the spread of this virus. Donate and volunteer when the need arises, and please remember to support the small businesses (like us!) who are trying to get through this incredibly difficult time.